Walks in France

France is a large country and there is plenty of good walking to be had. On Walkingworld we have pockets of walks in certain areas of France - in some places enough to keep you occupied for a week or more of holiday. We plan to keep adding to these walks, so if you run a B&B or other business in France we would be delighted to hear from you. A small portfolio of walks in your immediate region will be very appealing to our members.

The best walking maps for France are from the mapping agency IGN. They can usually be bought in local supermarkets, petrol stations and newsagents. It's also possible to get digital mapping using IGN 1:25,000 scale maps from Memory-Map (www.memory-map.co.uk). The trick to picking the right map is to find out what French Department (their equivalent of county) you are visiting. Local postcodes give away the Department number as the first two figures of the postcode denote the Department.

You can also get IGN mapping for other applications, including for ViewRanger for your mobile.

Because we don't have a licensing arrangement with IGN we can only provide the walk instructions for our walks in France and a digital mapping file, and not a printable map. The mapping file can be imported into Memory-Map, ViewRanger and other digital mapping applications. Alternatively use a paper map and the grid references given in the guide (which are in UTM WGS84 format - this is also what you should set your GPS to).

Browse through the regions below for Walkingworld walks in France.



    You can use these pages to browse for walks in specific regions, counties and areas. It is a good idea to narrow down your search to the most local area possible, as the list of walks for larger areas can be very long. An alternative way of searching is to use the Find a Walk tool.

    We would like to include a short article for each of the areas on these pages. If an area has no article and you can send us a few hundred words about the area, pointing out its key attractions and other useful information, we would greatly appreciate it.