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Going abroad

If you are considering a walking holiday abroad you might like to browse through the walks we have in France and Spain. In various areas, such as Ibiza, Andalucia and parts of the French Alps you will find a portfolio of walks to keep you happy for at least a week. Using these you can organise a 'do it yourself' holiday with a cheap flight or train journey, car hire and staying, perhaps, with one of the members in the Walkingworld directory.

We also have a handful of walks (for instance in Norway) designed specifically for those short breaks you get on cruise ships.

To browse our overseas walks click the appropriate country in the lefthand menu bar. We are planning to cover more countries in the near future. First on the list are Ireland and New Zealand.

We are able to provide printable maps for our Spanish walks but not for our French ones. If you are going to France we recommend getting the IGN 1:25,000 scale digital maps for Memory-Map. To pick the right map you need the French Department number - it's the first two digits of the postcode, so you may be able to get it from the address details of where you are staying or the local tourist office.

You'll find more advice about digital mapping in our Help files. If you are technically minded you may be able to find a map which is already digitised (or be able to scan it) and then calibrate it.

Other countries
Over time we plan to provide advice on walking in other countries. We have started with Nepal with a guide to independent trekking in the Himalaya. Click the link under Related Articles on the right.


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