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April 2021

Slow ways
We are quite often asked to suggest a route between two towns or villages, sometimes quite far apart. The reason is usually some sort of personal 'pilgrimage', perhaps in memory of a friend or family member and often with the secondary aim of raising money for charity. It's not the sort of thing that Walkingworld is created for and we would be extremely unlikely to have anything suitable in our existing library. But the challenge of finding a route for them is usually too intriguing to resist.

There are hundreds of well researched and generally well documented long distance routes across every part of the UK. Almost all are to be found on the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) website, where you can find listings of maps, guidebooks, accommodation and much more. It's often possible to string together some of these routes to get the person successfully from their start to end point. But naturally enough there will be gaps and the resulting route is not always very direct, though it is likely to be scenic and of cultural or historical interest.

A project started during the past year may add a useful tool for this sort of research. Slow Ways is an attempt to create a national library of linear routes connecting our villages, towns and cities. Lockdown has given the organisers and an army of volunteers the opportunity to do lots of armchair research, seeking out and linking up the most appropriate looking paths between each place. So far they have logged 7000 routes covering some 100,000kms of path and track.

In many ways that is, of course, the easy bit. Now the project is looking for keen walkers to check these theoretical routes out on the ground and report back on their suitability. If you are happy to deal with the logistics of travelling to and from a linear route - if you are lucky there will be a public transport link - you may wish to give it a try. You can find out more on the newly launched Slow Ways website.

Free mapping for the app back to normal
A year ago we made the mapping download to the free version of the Walkingworld app one zoom level more detailed. It was supposed to be a short-term gesture to support folk through that first lockdown, which we hoped would be just a few weeks, but of course that one blended fairly quickly into a second and then into a third. So we have actually kept delivering that more detailed map for the full year. It isn't the standard OS Landranger or Leisure map, which you do only get by having a subscription or by buying an individual walk through the website.

Now that the prospects for getting out and about and taking holidays in other parts of the country are looking much more hopeful, we are reverting back to our usual zoom level for free users of the app. It's still perfectly possible to follow a walk on this less detailed map, though clearly not as easy as on 'proper' OS maps. We will be making the change after the bank holiday on May 3rd.

This won't affect you at all if you are already a subscriber. If you are you will already get maps with 'more zoom' and in fact you can increase that zoom level even further in your settings (though you should be aware that this will increase download time for the map quite considerably, so best done on WiFi rather than mobile data).

Cottage break offer
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