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Postcodes for walk starts

You may have noticed that we have added a postcode for use with SatNavs to the Access Information for many of our walks. This has been in response to requests from members. However there are some important explanatory points to made about these.

A postcode does not define a specific point on the map, but an area. In densely populated places full postcodes will define quite a small area. In villages they are, in general, a little larger. In open country they can be very large. For this reason, we have only added the postcodes to walks at or close to towns and villages.

It is also important to note that the postcode always relates to the start point of the walk and not the recommended car park. The two are not necessarily in the same place. So for those who like to use a SatNav to get them to their destination, it is important to appreciate that the postcode will only get you reasonably close to the walk start point and the last bit of your journey should be based on the Access Information and the map.

Finally, if you discover a postcode we have provided which turns out to be significantly misleading, please let us know at and we will remove or amend it.